“It has provided me with some ideas in thinking outside the box in relation to anti-corruption, the realities of attacking corruption, and considerations for same. A good coverage of issues, particularly for someone whose international exposure to anti-corruption is limited.”

“The course provides a multidisciplinary overview of a complex and challenging subject matter…very thought provoking, intelligent and clear.”

“The exposure will help in improving the weak areas of implementation in anti-corruption activities…very informative and interesting. Excellent experience and opportunity to interact internationally about anti-corruption measures being practiced.”

“It will go a long way in bringing about reforms in the work culture by enhancing transparency and qualitative output of work.”

“I particularly enjoyed the diverse representation which helped give a better understanding of the workings in different climes. The interactive nature of discussions stimulated excellent discussions and points of view. I did get a better understanding of corruption how it works, manifests, and how endemic it could be.”

“Very educative and has exposed me to anti-corruption issues as it relates to different jurisdictions and international efforts at combating corruption. It will assist me in formulating regulations that I will send up to the chief executive officer for approval on code of conduct of all staff and the agency’s clients.”