Professional Certificate in Legislative Drafting

Course Overview

"A good piece of legislation, is like a good sentence; or a good piece of music. Everybody can recognise it. They say, 'Huh. It works. It makes sense'" - Barack Obama

The legislative drafter is tasked with transforming government policy into written law, but also to ensure that legislation is clearly understandable to those affected by it. Achieving both can be challenging as government policy often involves complex issues that are difficult to convey in everyday language.

Consistency is key in all aspects of drafting, including use of vocabulary, structure, language and style, and building sentences. This highly interactive course recognises these challenges and equips participants with a range of recognised drafting tools used to create well written legislation.

Participants will also be able to implement the course's learning through practical drafting exercises. The course chair will evaluate these exercises and provide detailed feedback at the end of the week.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course the delegates will be able to:

  • Draft legislation clearly and concisely
  • Better understand the principles of legislative drafting
  • Utilise plain language
  • Make laws more readable to those affected by them
  • Amend outdated legislation
  • Recognise common drafting mistakes and how to avoid them

What Learners Say

Attorney General`s Ministry, Belize

“ The course was very enjoyable and very well delivered. As a trained legislative drafter of over 19 years, the main aim was as a refresher as well as learning modern techniques, use of jargon and how this has changed over the years. The course delivered on my objectives. “


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Day 5