Policy Implementation Masterclass (two days)

  • 24th - 25th June 2024
  • Virtual Learning

Course Overview

"In real life, strategy is actually very straightforward. You pick a general direction and implement like hell." — Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric

Implementation and evaluation in the public sector are essential processes that ensure government policies, programmes, and services effectively address the needs of the community and achieve intended outcomes. These processes are particularly critical in the public sector due to the direct impact they have on public welfare, resource allocation, and policy efficacy.

Our interactive learning programme has been designed for all those working in policy environments, notably focusing on the later stages of delivery and evaluation. Participants will improve their understanding of the policy cycle, project management techniques and evaluation methodologies.

First the programme explores implementation in the public sector. That involves translating policy decisions into practical, operational actions. This process includes detailed planning, coordination among various government agencies, and effective resource management. Successful implementation ensures that policies are executed efficiently and effectively, maximising the benefits to the public.

Second, our programme examines evaluation in the public sector. This is the mechanism for assessing the effectiveness, efficiency, and equity of public programs and policies. This process involves collecting data, analysing outcomes, and comparing them with predefined goals and benchmarks. Evaluation helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of public initiatives, providing evidence-based insights that inform future policy decisions and program improvements. It ensures that public resources are used responsibly and that government actions are transparent and accountable to the public.

Why might this be the right programme for you? Because implementation and evaluation are vital for fostering public trust and confidence in government institutions. Effective implementation demonstrates that government institutions can deliver on promises, while thorough evaluation shows a commitment to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement.


By the end of the programme delegates will be able to:

  • describe the importance of implementation and evaluation in the policy process
  • consider practical and adaptable approaches to policy implementation and evaluation
  • gain an understanding of deliverology
  • develop policy implementation and evaluation methodologies
  • monitor, evaluate and enhance performance.

What Learners Say

The Executive Office

“ Found this course really informative and useful for work developing a new strategy. Trainer was clearly very experienced and knowledgeable on the subject and made the masterclass engaging and insightful. “


Day 1

Day 2