Two Days Strategic Policy Futures Thinking Masterclass

Course Overview

The context for this programme is a focus on the future, providing an understanding of a suite of future focussed tools that enable the preparation of long-term strategy plans. The modern policy maker is challenged by an increasingly fast paced world, and one where we have an enhanced understanding that decisions made (or not made) today will have consequences many years in the future. Futures thinking is an approach to identifying the long-term issues and challenges shaping the future development of a policy area and to exploring their implications for policy development today.

This programme provides an opportunity to understand and apply a set of research and modelling tools that can be used to support development of policy that is resilient to a range of possible outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme, participants will develop their understanding of long-term goal consideration, planning and delivery. The programme will enable the consideration of discontinuous change, interpret its consequences, and consider future courses of action in public policy making.

Specifically, participants will:

  • practise anticipating important developments using a systemic examination
  • examine how current risk management methodology informs our future planning work
  • gather intelligence about the future
  • explore the dynamics of change
  • understand how to describe what the future might be like
  • discuss applicability to the development and testing of policy and strategy.